The Country Professor Is Real.

The word unify has been following me around for a few weeks the way the word simplify did while I was in college. I’m still finding ways to make life simpler, and I have learned through that season that sometimes bringing things together is the best way to make things simpler. You may have followed this blog or favorited my Etsy shop.… Continue reading The Country Professor Is Real.


Surviving the Zoo: 18-Month Twin Routine

In the 38 years of the Cincinnati Zoo’s history, no one had breached the gorilla enclosure until this Saturday when a four-year-old boy figured it out in a few short minutes. I find myself closed-in with two members of the startlingly powerful and ingenious boy species on a daily basis. Our environment, despite my attempts, is not perfectly safe. Many times, we find ourselves enclosed in the same walls as knives, fire, heights, and poison. By the grace of God, we mothers and our young often survive, sometimes not. When someone gets hurt, we blame ourselves as parents, we blame those who made the objects we use, we blame animals, we blame anything or anyone in order not to blame our wildly innovative children.

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My First BuJo

Do you experience Pinterest fail after Pinterest fail so that your house looks like a toy workshop? Have you read tips on how to keep your toddler from biting the brat on the playground and instead he bites you? Have you read “10 Ways to Encourage Your Husband” and instantly made him feel terrible about himself? Are you so out of touch with what is in that you thought the BuJo was something sexual? Well, so did I until I found the Bullet Journal.

A genius created this system to be straightforward and minimalist, and everyone else has decided to complicate the heck out of it. Now, the idea is that this “journal” contains all OCD memorabilia–planners, habit trackers, lists–wrapped into one (yes, one) notebook. Here’s how the life-saving BuJo begins in a number of steps that I didn’t take time to count.

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That’s My Tiger.

I lived my first 18 years in Seneca, SC, and my last six in Anderson, SC. If you aren’t familiar with the area, these are the two cities on either side of Clemson, SC, home of the Tigers, who play in the National Football Championship tonight. I’ve never been a big sports fan, but I am… Continue reading That’s My Tiger.


12-Month Twin Routine

Since Spring classes haven’t started yet, I am home most of today and thought it would be a good time for an update. 7:30am The boys are awake and saying “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-. . . ” I roll over and poke G. B. so that he starts his long waking process. I stumble to the bathroom, wash… Continue reading 12-Month Twin Routine


First Birthdays

This morning at 7:48 and 7:49, my two little boys turned one year old. In the weeks leading up to their birth, we’d been seeing specialists and having many ultrasounds because they were worried about twin-to-twin transfusion, a condition in which twins are sharing all the fluids that keep them alive but sharing them unequally.… Continue reading First Birthdays


A Labor Day Toast

To babysitting the girl with gum in her hair that I got out with mayonnaise or peanut butter, something I found in the pantry. To the smelly retail bath products store, my first taxed minimum wage job I worked the first Christmas break of college. To substitute teaching, and being too liberal for it. Too… Continue reading A Labor Day Toast