Freezer-to-Crockpot Meals for Back-to-School

Just after the boys were born, so many thoughtful people brought us meals. We didn’t have to eat out or grocery shop the entire first month, which is great considering we didn’t have time or energy to do either. During that time, a family member brought us crockpot meals to freeze. I had never done those… Continue reading Freezer-to-Crockpot Meals for Back-to-School


Starting Baby Food – Most Useful Products

In my last post, I promised to write about baby food. I plan to post more about the actual foods and my process, but first I’ll post about the products I used to get started. I do NOT get paid to blog about products. If you would like for me to be honest about your product,… Continue reading Starting Baby Food – Most Useful Products


Six-Month Twin Routine

My boys are seven months old, but I wrote this post when they were six months as an update on our routine. Many things have changed since then, but it was similar to this post for several weeks.  For a while my mom’s opening line when she came in the door to help with the babies was,… Continue reading Six-Month Twin Routine

Getting Fit After Twin Pregnancy

Oh Honey Honey – Day One

After growing two babies at the same time inside my body, I told myself I wouldn’t bother myself with fitness thoughts until those babies were at least six months old. When that day came, I felt ready, but, with all the dieting options, I had trouble deciding how to go about getting fit. (In researching postpartum fitness, I found out… Continue reading Oh Honey Honey – Day One

DIY Projects · Home Improvement

Kitchen Handles (Or Not)

We didn’t start the handle painting process because we got a good quote on getting our new vinyl floors installed and spent the rest of our free weekend time moving furniture out of the study and kitchen.

DIY Projects · Home Improvement

Kitchen Handles

Over the course of the summer (almost four months for me), G. B. and I plan to renovate our kitchen in stages. We have an old kitchen, so we have several cabinets and drawers. The storage is wonderful, but redoing cabinets all at once seemed overwhelming. This weekend’s smaller project is hardware–not even all of the… Continue reading Kitchen Handles

Parenting · Writing and Teaching English

Levertov: National Poetry Month Day 14

After the boys were born, a friend called and asked, “Well, how is it?” and I answered, “They are the most perfect human beings I have ever met.” They still are, and they may always be. Isn’t it odd how our children–screaming, kicking, whining children–seem so perfect, and the world around them seems to be… Continue reading Levertov: National Poetry Month Day 14