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My First BuJo

Do you experience Pinterest fail after Pinterest fail so that your house looks like a toy workshop? Have you read tips on how to keep your toddler from biting the brat on the playground and instead he bites you? Have you read “10 Ways to Encourage Your Husband” and instantly made him feel terrible about himself? Are you so out of touch with what is in that you thought the BuJo was something sexual? Well, so did I until I found the Bullet Journal.

A genius created this system to be straightforward and minimalist, and everyone else has decided to complicate the heck out of it. Now, the idea is that this “journal” contains all OCD memorabilia–planners, habit trackers, lists–wrapped into one (yes, one) notebook. Here’s how the life-saving BuJo begins in a number of steps that I didn’t take time to count.

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Levertov: National Poetry Month Day 14

After the boys were born, a friend called and asked, “Well, how is it?” and I answered, “They are the most perfect human beings I have ever met.” They still are, and they may always be. Isn’t it odd how our children–screaming, kicking, whining children–seem so perfect, and the world around them seems to be… Continue reading Levertov: National Poetry Month Day 14

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Oliver: National Poetry Month, Day 4

I always keep kleenexes in my car. If not Kleenexes, I have a dash-full of fastfood restaurant napkins. This setup is perfect for allergy season, a bad day, and all those sappy songs country music stations play. My husband, on the other hand, didn’t have a stash of crying aids when we started dating, so I have… Continue reading Oliver: National Poetry Month, Day 4

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Ostriker: National Poetry Month 2015, Day 2try

I had the honor of meeting Alicia Ostriker at Ashland University a couple summers ago. Beforehand, I read her book The Volcano Sequence. It was assigned to me while I was putting together my first collection of poetry, and I could see exactly why. It is so perfectly put together that I am struggling to choose a… Continue reading Ostriker: National Poetry Month 2015, Day 2try

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27 Birthday Blessings

From my mouth to God’s ear, I swear it; I want only to be a song. / To wander around the fields like a little reed bird. / To be a song. Mary Oliver Like many adult birthdays that fall on week days, mine wasn’t particularly eventful to the naked eye, but a closer look… Continue reading 27 Birthday Blessings

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Promised Book List

It’s not everyday that I have read my poetry in public, but today was one of those days. Sharing my work tonight with the students at Anderson University conjured nostalgia for my own poetry nights in college. Afterwards, I chatted with our really talented students and promised one of the seniors that I would share a… Continue reading Promised Book List

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Merry Christmas from the Reeds!

13 Memories from 2013 Ben assisted the opening of the Jacksonville REI. Stephen and Jennifer Dehner brought Grace Kathryn into the world, making us Aunt Charity and Uncle Ben. We taught Sonny and Susan Reed how to play Little Big Planet on the PS3. Winston (our miniature schnauzer) turned 4-years-old in November. Ben built our… Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Reeds!