The Country Professor Is Real.

The word unify has been following me around for a few weeks the way the word simplify did while I was in college. I’m still finding ways to make life simpler, and I have learned through that season that sometimes bringing things together is the best way to make things simpler.

You may have followed this blog or favorited my Etsy shop. You may know me through my career teaching English. I’ve been dreaming of unifying all these outlets, and the culmination of that dream is The Country Professor. It’s my blog, Etsy shop, and social media accounts under one name. I’ll still post about being a twin mom, restoring vintage items and homes, and teaching or writing for college and work. I’ll still sell vintage items on Etsy. It will just be less confusing and more . . . unified.

Thanks for making the transition with me by following me there. Cheers to our adventure!


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