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That’s My Tiger.


I lived my first 18 years in Seneca, SC, and my last six in Anderson, SC. If you aren’t familiar with the area, these are the two cities on either side of Clemson, SC, home of the Tigers, who play in the National Football Championship tonight. I’ve never been a big sports fan, but I am a big fan of local culture (and culture in general), so today, my toddlers and I wore orange, talked about tigers, and read the book That’s Not My Tiger.

That’s Not My Tiger is by Fiona Watt and is part of Usborne Books’ That’s Not My . . . Touchy-Feely Books series, all by the same author. From what I can tell by the Usborne website, this series contains over 30 books. We have four of them: That’s Not My Tiger, That’s Not My Monster, That’s Not My Lion, and That’s Not My Monkey. 

These books are everything board books should be. They are simple, with a sentence or less on each page. The text was easy for me to read even while I was sleep deprived in the newborn stage. The illustrations, by Rachel Wells, are brightly colored but not too busy and distracting. The best feature of these books is that part of the illustration on each page is textured.When my twin boys were 3 to 6 months old, I would take their little hands and help them feel the textures as I read, “Its feet are too smooth!” By 6 months, they were doing that on their own, and now at 13 months, they still enjoy these books.

The most important thing is that tonight, whether we win or lose, people near and far, big and little, will know about our Tigers.

No one paid me to review these books. If you’d like to pay me to write, see my Contact page.


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