Starting Baby Food – Most Useful Products

In my last post, I promised to write about baby food. I plan to post more about the actual foods and my process, but first I’ll post about the products I used to get started. I do NOT get paid to blog about products. If you would like for me to be honest about your product, you are welcome to contact me!

Six Baby Food Products I Use Every Day

Bowls. I’ve tried to buy as few temporary things as possible, so instead of buying a specific bowl for the boys, I use the Corelle bowls I already had. They are the perfect size for my hand and for the amount of food my two boys eat each meal at seven months. My babies aren’t feeding themselves, so I don’t feel like I need baby dishes yet. I have six bowls, which gets us through one day of feedings (two bowls, three times a day).

SpoonsI have two sets of spoons. I like the Gerber Nuk Soft Bite spoons, because they are, as the name says, soft for little gums. They are also the perfect size for first bites. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are not easiest for me to hold. We also have the Munchkin Soft-Tip Spoons, which have a much better grip for me, but they are more bendy than soft and are too deep for tiny mouths. The total of ten spoons is a great number for us, but we usually make it through a whole day with three to five. (If you can share a womb, you can share a spoon.)

In reality, the above two things are the only necessities. You could feed one baby at a time in your lap and keep them fairly neat. However, I prefer the do-everything-together route since if I feed one baby, I have another baby crying or getting into things or who knows what elsewhere. If you prefer this, too, you may need the following items as well. 

Bibs. Although we have a drawer full of cloth baby bibs for drool and bottles, we have only needed two bibs for introducing foods. Our rubber bibs are fantastic. They are so easy to wash after every meal and reuse.

Seating. Before the boys could sit up well, I sat them in Bumbos on the floor while I fed them. Once they could sit up entirely unassisted, I sat them on a play mat. Now that they are becoming very mobile, I have invested in high chairs. The high chairs were a debate because most high chairs that I found were expensive, overly used, or ugly. We decided to go with wooden restaurant high chairs that match our dining room and cost $36 each from a local restaurant equipment warehouse.  Today, I plan to set these on the play mat to save my hardwood floors.

I only need the following items because I make homemade baby food. 

Blender. We received the wonderful gift of a Nutribullet, and it is perfect for the boys’ food.

Storage. At first, I used an ice cube tray that I had been using to freeze breast milk to freeze the boys’ food. (The OXO No Spill tray is the best one I have ever used.) I own one Beaba Multiportion container. I used it to freeze small portions of pureed foods while we introduced them (freezing then transferring to larger containers), but now, especially with twins, it is becoming too small. I’ll probably start freezing the food directly into pint-sized containers.


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