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Kitchen Handles (Or Not)

I worked on the kitchen handles this weekend but not exactly as planned (of course). Finishing this weekend was a lofty goal. I did, however, get all the handles off the doors and mostly polished. I started with fine sandpaper. That was taking a bit of dexterity and patience, but I saw a crazy difference!

photo (10)

Then I remembered seeing sandpaper sponges at Lowe’s and sent G. B. to get them. I filled a bucket with water and Brasso and sanded the handles in that solution then wiped them with microfiber. It worked so much faster than the dry sandpaper. They turned out so shiny.

photo (11)

I had help with the boys and the sanding, but we still have about 10 handles to finish prepping. We didn’t start the handle painting process because we got a good quote on getting our new vinyl floors installed and spent the rest of our free weekend time moving furniture out of the study and kitchen. Thanks to our fantastic help, that only took about an hour. I am so ready to see the floors tomorrow!

photo (12)photo (13)


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