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Kitchen Handles

Over the course of the summer (almost four months for me), G. B. and I plan to renovate our kitchen in stages. We have an old kitchen, so we have several cabinets and drawers. The storage is wonderful, but redoing cabinets all at once seemed overwhelming. This weekend’s smaller project is hardware–not even all of the hardware, just the handles.

I had originally hoped to purchase new hardware, but as I said, we have so many cabinets. We have 33 handles and 46 hinges. That’s at least $500 in brand new, not awesome hardware. It’s also difficult to find that many matching pieces on discount. When I did the math, I decided to paint the current hardware instead.

I have never painted metal that will be touched every day, but I have painted metal and read some how-tos. I’m probably not doing this in the best order since I’ll have to put the hardware back on then take it back off when we paint the cabinets later in the summer. Still, it’s worth the hassle to me to actually get it done instead of trying to tackle it all at once and having a meltdown.

Taking off all the handles today took one hour. (I did stop a few times to change diapers and such.) My plan is to sand the handles with fine grain sand paper and wash them with metal cleaner this afternoon. (This is a lofty idea.) Tomorrow, I hope to prime them with Rust-Oleum Primer and paint them with Rust-Oleum Brushed Nickel.

Here are the handles and cabinets from this morning. Keep up with my progress in photos by following me on Instagram.

photo (9)


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