Warning: An Introduction and Update

It’s 4am, and a baby is eating in my arms. My baby. One of my two brand new babies.

Things have changed drastically since my last post, and that will start to show in the direction of this blog. I plan to be diligent in labeling my supermommy posts so that my readers are warned before I talk about topics some might find awkward (i. e. poops and boobs… What is it called when you can flip a word upside down and get another word?) Perhaps instead you all should assume that at any point in this blog I may give gory details about nasal aspirators or umbilical cords.

So many posts are yet to come, but first I must coerce a newborn to eat instead of sleep in my arms. If my readers have suggestions on keeping him awake, please share them. (Playing with his feet, shoulder, and face doesn’t help.) Then again, I can’t blame him for not having much of an appetite while his brother makes ridiculous bodily fluid sounds in the crib across the room.

More to come, dear friends. More to come.


5 thoughts on “Warning: An Introduction and Update

  1. Do you leave the lights on? We kept things noisy on purpose so we could condition her to sleep through anything so we didn’t have to tiptoe around while she slept. In the beginning though, having the lights and tv on helped. Also, talking to her. She has always been so interested in everything so as long as I kept eye contact with her and talked, about anything, she’d just stare back.

    Excuse me while I google how to get people juice out of my husband deployed on a submarine. That just about sent my baby fever over the edge!


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