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27 Birthday Blessings

From my mouth to God’s ear, I swear it; I want only to be a song. / To wander around the fields like a little reed bird. / To be a song.

Mary Oliver

Like many adult birthdays that fall on week days, mine wasn’t particularly eventful to the naked eye, but a closer look revealed so many great gifts.

  1. Waking up beside my husband
  2. Waking up to our little boys rolling, kicking, and punching
  3. Happy Birthday text messages from friends and family
  4. A gazillion Facebook birthday wishes
  5. A long, warm shower with good body products and a fluffy, clean towel
  6. Owning any clothes that actually fit right now
  7. Reading poetry to our little boys before they even know words
  8. Family who gave me cards this weekend to open today
  9. Supreme pizza for my second breakfast (Sausage and cheese are breakfast items!)
  10. Having the day off to catch up on grading–in a recliner!
  11. Pretty Robin’s Egg blue G-2 Pilot pens
  12. Leftover Chipotle with a big scoop of salsa and a sliced avocado (nom nom nom)
  13. Napping with my sweet schnauzer Winston
  14. A mom-in-law who brings me dinner so I don’t have to cook
  15. A free breast pump arriving from my insurance company ($200 value!)
  16. A phone conversation with my hard-of-hearing grandmother
  17. Going through adorable baby clothes and daydreaming
  18. A husband who does the dishes now that I’m basically incapable
  19. Escaping grading by playing Spider Solitaire
  20. Good shoes (Merrells) from REI that keep my feet and legs from cramping
  21. Ultrasound photos
  22. Keeping all the lights off in the house because the sun is bright enough
  23. Fresh air on my patio with Winston
  24. Students who take my advice in their second drafts of an essay
  25. Crickets and tree frogs
  26. Falling asleep beside my husband
  27. Falling asleep with the next generation of Reeds growing like a song inside a bird

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