What’s Important

You know those Facebook statuses that involve tagging people to get them to post their favorite book or quote or poem? I was nominated to post my favorite Bible verse yesterday, so I decided to be that girl who blogs instead.

From kindergarten to 12th grade, I attended a private Christian school where we memorized a different verse every week. We’d stack the verses so that by the end of the term, we’d have a whole section memorized–the Sermon on the Mount or the Creation story, for instance. I’m sure they were trying to teach us context, and I’m thankful. Still, sometimes blurbs and pieces seem most helpful in my real life.

Surprisingly, I don’t think I memorized the verse I’ve chosen to share, probably because it’s from Galatians 5, a section about circumcisionYikes. I guess it’s suiting, though, since I’ve never thought about that procedure as much as I have lately with two infant boys arriving soon. Yikes, again.

When we found out we were going to have a baby, I wanted to be balanced in the amount of concern and the amount of freedom in parenthood. I wanted to make things as perfect as possible and yet not be an uptight mom.

When we found out we were having two babies, all the pretense dropped like dirty clothes on the floor. Contrary to logic, the amount of worry that has fallen off me has been incredible. I still care about how parenting goes, but I’m holding everything with an open palm instead of clinched one.

The best thing about Bible verses now is that I don’t pick them as often as they pick me. The right one comes to mind when I need it most, and it sticks around for the whole season–of loss, of growth, of depression, of change. This season of new parenthood whispers the simplest idea over me every day.

What is important is faith expressing itself in love.                                              Galatians 5:6

I’m beginning to apply this snippet to every idea and circumstance I encounter. What is important about decorating the nursery?  Oh, just that within its walls is love. What is important about a new church we’re visiting? That everyone expresses their faith lovingly. What is important about teaching while I’m humongously pregnant? That my faith expresses love to those students. The type of diapers we choose? The schedule we try with two newborns? The birthing plan?

What is really important?


I nominate YOU to comment below with your favorite Bible verse. Also, Mr. G. B. Reed and I are compiling a list of quotes, ideas, and scripture for meditation during labor. We’d love your suggestions for that as well.


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