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In a Fatherly Way

DSC_6384Mr. G. B. Reed and I are excited to announce that we are expecting two Reed babies to be born near the end of this year. Yes, two.

We opted out of widespread announcements until now and instead made announcements in person. Watching faces of loved ones light up has been a gift. Thank you to those who knew and kept our news off social media. Seeing our tiny children wiggle arms and legs in ultrasounds and hearing their healthy beating hearts is a brand new kind of joy in our lives, and we are reveling in it.

Another joy I have been relishing in the past 13 weeks is watching a great man become a great father. Although in the previous three years of marriage I had never been sick, in the past seven weeks I have been more sick and needy than ever in my adult life. This man has been incredibly attentive to me and our children (even to the point of having Couvade syndrome!). As a result, I have never been more in love with him nor more humbled in my need of his love.

I remember arguing about this subject in high school. Even then, love was different to me somehow. When high school friends talked about love, they created images of a bedazzled Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing across a bridge over a reflecting pond. However, when I talked about love, I pictured something similar to the past two months. I have not worn a blue ball gown and Ben doesn’t waltz, but cue Disney’s “So This Is Love” every day that I hang my head over a toilet and every hour that I whine about how hungry I am because this is the real deal. These two children are in for a treat of a father. Happy Father’s Day, Love.

I’m also blessed to have a dad who knows the hard work and bravery of love. He was brave in love when he stood in an delivery room watching his wife hemorrhage and his only child be born with a birth defect. He was brave in love 13 years later when he flagged down help and tried to get me and my mom out of a totaled F150 after being hit by a drunk driver. But Daddy was brave in love when he simply took the time to find his old glove and play catch in the yard, or when he cranked up the bass boat and lifted me into it for a day on the lake. I look forward to watching him introduce his grandchildren to Southern wild life. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

Another blessing I never even knew to ask for was a wonderful father-in-law. When Ben is at work, his dad is the first man I call to fix the things I break. He renovated my bathroom and rescued me from a bird trapped in my house. Most importantly, he taught my husband how to be great. He passed down work ethic and craftsmanship as well as a quiet sense of humor and a calm demeanor. This second dad is one of the smartest men I know, and I look forward to watching him teach our children a thousand little things. Happy Father’s Day, Sonny.

I’d like to wish a great day to all the other fatherly people who have loved me bravely and kindly, including two fantastic grandfathers, two wonderful grandfathers-in-law, a countless supply of uncles and older cousins, and simply all the good men I am blessed to know.

My utmost thanks goes to the one Father of all, who is over all and in all and living through all. Happy Father’s Day.

Stay tuned to this blog, even click the Follow button, for updates on these sweet Reed babies. There will surely be many. Updates and babies, that is.


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