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Chest of Drawers Renovation

I began this project several months ago, maybe a year ago. I can’t even remember where I originally claimed this chest of drawers. I think it was in the basement of our house when we bought it, or maybe the barn. Either way, it was a FREE, dark brown chest of drawers filled with rat poop. I would have posted pictures of the process, but I thought I’d save my readership the dismay.

In any case, this is probably not a Pinterest-worthy project. I simply needed storage space for our camping gear, so Lysol and I decided to forfeit the glamour in exchange for latex gloves. As of today, I have cleaned out all the poop and lined the drawers with leftover shelf paper from my kitchen.



I think it’s pretty cute as it is, but this dark wood doesn’t match the room very well. My next step is to spray paint the whole thing, inside and out; I just can’t decide on a color. Comment with suggestions, please, but first here’s another part of the room.



Eventually, the green carpet and green wallpaper will be removed, but the orange, yellow, and green will stay in the room because I absolutely love the bedspread.  So, what do you think about color? Do you have any tips on painting or spray painting my FREE chest of drawers?


4 thoughts on “Chest of Drawers Renovation

  1. That’s a great chest of drawers! Clean, sand, clean again, prime, sand again, clean again….don’t skimp on prep! Maybe paint it a color that matches one of the colors in the bedspread? What colors do you like? You could do a multi-colored approach; drawer faces one color, box another, with cute new drawer knobs. If you get really creative and some painter’s tape, do some striped effect, which I see on Pinterest a lot (but am too lazy to do myself!). Have fun! Possibilities are endless! But once you start refinishing furniture you find somewhere, you can’t stop!


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