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Earring Organization

For as long as I can remember, I’ve stored my earrings in button bags. Lately, I’ve been feeling like that’s just not good enough. I’ve been getting so frustrated trying to find specific ones at 6:30am in the half-light of trying not to disturb my husband but disturbing him anyway by rummaging through my vanity.

jewelry drawer
Jewelry Drawer: Before

All that mess in the middle is plastic bags. You can see how frazzled I may have been. I bought the inserts on the sides about two years ago, but they were just too big to sort my little earrings.

On Pinterest, I found so many ideas of how to make cute little frames and hang all your jewelry, but I really don’t have room for that on my wall. Besides, I feel about the same about that as I do about open cabinets in the kitchen–I’d be so upset if anything looked out of place, ever. It wouldn’t make me happier, and organization is supposed to make me happier, right!?

So I thought about putting a muffin tin in this drawer, but it seemed so big and had so much extra metal. Then I considered an egg-carton tray from a refrigerator, but I couldn’t find them anywhere, even in thrift stores. I didn’t want to use the cardboard or foam ones. For a bit, I was kind of at a standstill.

Finally, I thought about using ice trays! They were less than $2 each at Walmart and just the right size.

ice trays

Taking the earrings out of the bags and dividing them into the compartments only took about 15 minutes. The final product was just what I wanted.

jewelry drawer after 1

I got rid of one of the bulky dividers and used the other for the larger bracelets and such. Even some of my bracelets fit into the ice trays. The white makes everything so easy to see. It’s pretty for me and hidden for others in case it ever gets messy again. That’s how I like it.

Jewelry Drawer: After
Jewelry Drawer: After

This project took $4 and 15 minutes, and it’s increasing the quality of my mornings. One of my favorites so far.  I’d love to hear about your favorite morning-saver.


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