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My “New” Cutting Board

For months now, I’ve had quite the kitchen dilema. I have three cutting boards. One is humongous; another is tiny. The third is just the right size, but it is wooden and has be so dry! I don’t think a dry cutting board is bad, but it doesn’t look as nice as a shinier one sitting on the counter. Besides, it seems to soak up moisture from anything I cut on it, which makes it harder to clean.

Dry, Splotchy Board
Dry, Splotchy Board

Since reading that mineral oil was good for this problem, I’ve been meaning to buy some so I could use this board again and even set it out on the counter. However, when I’m shopping, I always forget and use up my budget on other things.

Last night, my husband came home from his parents’ house with their mineral oil. I guess this increasingly unattractive board has been bothering him, too, mostly because chopping veggies is the chore I usually hand over to him. He’d been in the snow all day but was obviously more tired of the cutting board than from the snowboard.

Hubbub to the Rescue
Hubbub to the Rescue

So, I wasn’t really watching, but I guess he used that paper towel to rub the oil all over the board. He gave it a good coat, and let it dry over night. He plans to put a second coat on today. The picture doesn’t show the change very well, but the board is much smoother. Ben did the project I’ve been working toward for five months in about five minutes. I’ll let you know how he drying process goes.

Oiled Cutting Board
Oiled Cutting Board

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