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Blueberry Magic

From some of my previous posts about my living room, you may remember nearly all of the items in it were absolutely free. One of those items was a couch from a family with four children. They actually gave it to someone else who then gave it to us, so this is extra hand-me-down material. For all the use, it is in surprisingly good shape. The print wouldn’t have been one I chose from a store, but for free, it was definitely better than the couch my husband had from his dorm. (I still cringe remembering it.) Besides, I’m always drawn to solid-colored items, so pretty prints have to work their way into my life by magic. Really.

Our Couch Pattern
Our Couch Pattern

We had so many huge blank walls in the living room a few months ago. Ben hung a mirror on one, and I filled another with framed fabric. A few weeks ago, some of our friends, the Parkers, offered to give us a painting. One of their friends is a painter and didn’t like this piece he’d done of blueberries, so he decided to give it away rather than sell it. Since it didn’t go with any rooms in the Parker household, I was the recipient of a third-hand gift, once again. At first, I was just glad that it could fill my blank wall.

Living Room

Soon, though, I realized how perfect this painting was for my living room. I had forgotten the print in my couch had blueberries, too. It’s absolutely perfect!


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The story behind this painting gives me hope as an artist that though I may not like every piece I create, they all have some purpose and place in the world. They all have something good for me or for someone else, so I’ve got to keep creating and keep letting my work find its place.

I’m entirely blessed by this local artist’s work that I get to see every day.  Please check out Grey Thompson’s website and, if you’re in Upstate South Carolina, stop by his studio.


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