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Home Improvement Update | The Upstairs Bathroom

Posting photos of my bathroom on the internet seemed a little too personal as I was taking them, but as I load them here for you to see, it seems just another step to overcoming my blogging insecurities. Besides, from these photos, it’s hard to tell exactly where the items are. My next bathroom blog will be even more “daring” for sure. I may even show a roll of toilet paper.

The bathroom in our 1950s home was surprisingly one of the most tolerably outdated rooms of the house. That being the case, we’ve done the least amount of work on it. When my dad helped me paint the kitchen, he also touched up the trim in the bathroom, which is the most constructive thing that’s been done to that room in the past year we’ve lived here. (My husband may beg to differ; he’s unclogged a few drains.) Don’t get me wrong, plenty of improvements could be made to this room. But in comparison with the other home projects on our list, the bathroom gets little attention.

However, on one of my days off, I had simply had enough of the cabinet hardware. We haven’t budgeted for new hardware, and the ones we have are really fine for now. They had just gotten dingy from all the use.

Dull Brass Handles
Dull Brass Handles

For some reason, I had just realized that since the previous owners (my husband’s grandparents) had used brass most other places in the home, these might be brass, too. Without much of a second thought, I found my little toolkit and started taking off all the cabinet doors and removing all the hardware. Then I pulled out a little metal-cleaning kit that I made when we lived in our old house (a plastic shoebox with Brasso, an old toothbrush, and an old cotton t-shirt) and polished all the pieces–handles, knobs, hinges, and screws. The difference was pleasantly surprising.

Brass Hardware Comparison
Brass Hardware Comparison

The hinges didn’t do so well. They must be some other material, but I was glad to see a little shine that wasn’t there before. I was afraid I would have to do this more often, but I polished them over three months ago, and they’re still shiny! I took the opportunity to wipe down the cabinets before I put everything back together. The whole project took about an hour.

Top: Before. Bottom: After.
Top: Before. Bottom: After.

I’d love to hear what else you’ve polished with Brasso or what other simple, quick, and inexpensive ways you’ve updated your bathroom.


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One thought on “Home Improvement Update | The Upstairs Bathroom

  1. Bathroom updates? Well, we still don’t have ANY hardware on the 1 cabinet in our bathroom. Top that for lack of home improvement.


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