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Framing Fabric

If you remember my blog about my living room in my new/old house, you remember those huge blank walls. I have been looking for just the right (affordable) things to put on them. I saw a pretty picture on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate and was going to post the source for the photo here, but I cannot find it. (If you are a pinner, post your sources correctly, please. And, thank you.) So, you’ll just have to find the picture I saw on my Pinterest board of pins I have actually attempted myself called “Completed Pins.”

Several months ago, I found squares of sample fabric for sale at an antique shop for less than a dollar each. When I saw the pin of framed fabric, I knew that’s what I wanted to do on one of my blank living room walls. I usually buy my picture frames at thrift stores (like most everything else I buy), but this time I couldn’t find something suitable. Luckily, Walmart had several similar wooden ones on clearance in my favorite shade of stain for $5 each. That’s still steep for this thrift shop girl, but those walls were glaring at me!

With a little finagling and some Scotch tape, I got the fabric to stay upright in the frames and began trying out patterns for them on the floor. My walls are grateful for this step because it took several tries to get it right. I kept feeling as if something personal was missing from the mix and eventually brought in an already-framed set of photos from our honeymoon in Jamaica as a centered focal-point.

The picture quality isn’t the greatest because I finished them so late at night, but here is the final product after my very-patient husband hung them for me.


If you want to see how I’ve decorated the other walls and other home DIY projects, follow this blog or follow me on Twitter. How have you managed to use wall space to its full potential? Teach me your ways.


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