Irish Potato Candy

Yes. You read that correctly. Potato candy. For the nonbelievers, I wanted to share the recipe.

My mom and her mom taught me how to make Irish Potato Candy which was passed down from my great-grandmother, who was Irish. (Thanks, but I’d rather have had your auburn hair). The Irish could make basically anything with potatoes and struggled to find affordable recipes during their Great Famine, but I’ve heard that this particular recipe was made most popular in our own Great Depression.

Until this year, I have always had my mom close by to help me make the candy. When I needed to make it for an Irish Cream Party at work, however, my mom was following an ambulance with my grandmother inside to the ER. (My grandmother is fine, strong as a mule, just imbalanced and stubborn.) So I was left to make the candy alone from memory.

Though the candy eventually turned out well, my process began terribly. I’ll give you the right recipe first, then tell you what mistakes I made. The benefit of this recipe is that it is much more affordable and simpler than most holiday candy, but I wouldn’t say it was cheap and easy. Hopefully my experience will make it easier for you.

Irish Potato Candy

1 or 2 small potatoes or one large potato
1 bag confectioners sugar
1 cup peanut butter (approximate)

Peel and boil potatoes. Mash potatoes (do not have to be entirely mashed). Pour all but 1/4 cup of the bag of sugar into medium bowl. Slowly stir and knead potatoes into sugar until cookie-dough-like ball is formed (may not use all of potatoes, depending on size of potatoes). Use the rest of the sugar to powder a smooth surface to roll the dough. Roll dough until 1/4-inch thick. Spread with peanut butter (may not use all of this either, just enough to cover the white). Roll up the candy from longest side to longest side (like a Swiss roll). Chill in fridge (only to make it easier to cut). Slice into 1/2-inch thick pinwheels. Enjoy!

Okay, friends, now I will reveal how I majorly failed with this seemingly-easy recipe. I started out with four-times too many potatoes, and I started with the potatoes and added sugar. Let us just say that if I had used green food coloring, I would have made the second batch of unending Flubber. Thank God, my sweet husband stopped at the grocery store on his way home and picked up more sugar so I could basically start all over. Here’s the finished product.

Irish Potato Candy


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