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The Girl with the Peach

Now that I consider it, most of the things in my dining room were gifts, too. At first, I wanted to incorporate the red that is is my kitchen into the dining room, but then I was given the print in the left of the picture. In it, this cute little girl holds a peach. This made me think I may rather take out the red and instead make peach an accent color in this room. Of course, in my Pinterest-dreaming, there will be a bowl of peaches on the table every year while they’re in season.

Since this photo was taken, I painted the walls a very slightly paler yellow than the living room, reversed the position of the mirror and the print, then washed and ironed the white sheers. Actually, I washed and hung them, then had to take them down to paint, which made them dirty and wrinkly again. However, my angel of a mother-in-law repeated the process for me while I was away at school.

My three hopes for this room are:

  1. To incorporate peach and green,
  2. To go earth-friendly by making cloth napkins and getting rid of paper ones, and
  3. To reupholster all the chairs.

This room is so full of light. I can’t wait until Autumn when I can keep the blinds open all day.

Do you have any more ideas? How did you spruce up your own dining room?


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