Simple Truths

Favor, Favor, Favor

And confirmation.

Since I was nine years old, I’ve had this unexplainable fascination with poetry. I kept that tucked away as long as I could, but it was simply to big to hide. Just in the past few months have I completely given up fighting the passion my Creator gave me and decided to run with it. That is in the top five best decisions of my entire life.

No one had ever talked to me about seasons of favor until recently. The crazy thing is that when I started claiming God’s favor for myself, I started getting even more of it than I’d requested. You may remember several years ago The Prayer of Jabez came out and was a big hit. Jabez asked God to bless him, enlarge his territories, and keep him from pain, “and God granted what he asked” (1 Chronicles 4:10). But, believe me, that’s not the only self-considerate prayer ever prayed and answered in Scripture. Why don’t we do this more? Well, one reason is probably that we don’t stop to meditate and  pray enough in general, so why would we remember a specific topic, like ourselves? If you haven’t done this, do it. Now.

I’m currently getting my MFA in Poetry, and this week I have put together my first collection of poems to sell. It just so happened that the same week of this assignment, Lacey Thompson of Bethel Atlanta prophesied over me, saying great things for poetry in our community. So, get ready for that. I sure am.

This chapbook and these poems are the first of many, many more. It’s Thanksgiving, but this Harvest will last long after the holiday season is over. Right now is a time of great favor for me and many of you. Let’s fully embrace that, praise our Lord for it, and make Him proud of what we do with it.


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