Simple Truths

School of Craft

The back to school rush may be “so-last-week” for you, but I start classes tomorrow. I’m getting a Masters of Fine Arts in the Creative Writing of Poetry from Ashland University. During the next two-years, I’ll be working on writing and publishing my first book, starting with making a chapbook by the end of this semester. I’m already dreaming about it day and night. Each letter, each graphic design, each page, each poem is art, and I am determined to lift it to the highest quality I possibly can.

And a crazy level of quality is possible. I have the Author of Salvation and the Creator of the Universe on my side. No better artistic advantage exists.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “We are God’s masterpiece.” The original word in that verse was poema, which means poem in several languages. You–whoever you are reading this–you are God’s poem, His masterpiece. You are his passion epitomized in a work of art. And He not only loves you; He likes you. You are one of His poems in His grand Book of poems. You are a masterpiece of a person inside the masterpiece of life.

Now, live like you know it.


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