Simple Truths

Orderly and Perceptive

Have you ever played Solitare? When most people come home from a long day of work, they sit in the Lazyboy and watch their favorite television shows in order to relax. I do a little of that at times, but overall, I don’t watch TV very much. Instead, my default mode is playing cards.

Lately, what I’ve noticed about Solitare, whether it’s Vegas or Spider, is that it doesn’t matter so much that you put the five on the six or the Queen on the King as it matters that you put the five on the right six and the Queen on the right King. I may only notice this because I am a fairly orderly person in the rest of my life, but it’s a fact that, in cards, order is key.

If I move the Queen too soon, I miss an even better opportunity a couple moves later. Still, if I don’t move her soon enough, I’ll miss the opportunity to move her all together. Likewise, I’ve also noticed that playing cards requires me to be very perceptive of the entire playing board. If I don’t see an Ace out in the open for just a move or two, it’s game over for me.

I’m not always great with analogies, but I do know that order and perception are also very important in my relationship with Jesus Christ. For instance, I very much wanted my husband and myself to go on the mission trip to New York last week. It was an incredible opportunity, and I was very interested from the start of the planning nearly a year ago. But for some reason, the Lord kept saying that Ben and I weren’t going, not yet anyway.

Later, I took a full-time job, which would not have allowed me the time off for New York. I thought that was the Lord’s explanation, but that wasn’t even half of His reasoning. He had perfectly ordered that job in order to align the rest of the cards.

This week, I am in Ashland, Ohio, at Ashland University, participating in my first two-week summer residency for an Masters in Fine Arts in the Creative Writing of Poetry. Did I plan this? No. Did I dream of it? Oh, yes. The Lord seamlessly and effortlessly shifted one mountain to the right and one to the left to let me into a new job and into graduate school. He heard the children in New York bouncing basketballs on the concrete, and He heard the faculty in Ohio tapping on their keyboards, and He felt my heart reach for both all along knowing where I would be this month and how and why He would take me here.

He’ll do the same for you. If your soul is set on pleasing Him, He’ll help you do just that. Watch for His incredible order. Accept His blessing of Heavenly perception.


2 thoughts on “Orderly and Perceptive

  1. Sorry i am so “late” getting to this blog, but I love it. Love this post. I needed to read it today. Guess that in and of itself is exactly what you mean. Thank you, Charity


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