Simple Truths

Simple Truth #3

Deer will eat your Impatiens.

Ben and I shopped at Lowes with wedding gift cards about a month ago. As we walked through the lawn and garden department, I saw adorable coral Impatiens for $1.99 each that I could not resist taking home with me.

Ben’s parents have a green house in which they grow and sell all sorts of beautiful flowers, so Ben was skeptic of my buying flowers when I had plenty next door. He also knows my history with plants–I’ve killed nearly every one I’ve touched. However, these Impatiens seemed to sing, “We Will Survive,” and I trusted that.

I moved the fragile, little plants into two wooden boxes on either side of our back door and watered them faithfully each morning (Okay, maybe I neglected them a couple of times, but. . . .). They grew and bloomed into a nice, full welcoming entrance to our new home, and I was so happy to have them.

And yet, this Monday morning, I awakened to chewed, one-inch, green stalks on each side of our welcome mat. A deer (or six) is all I can guess. They also ate our garden and even a nasty, thorny bush beside our car port. On my way to work this morning, I realized I had forgotten to check the Sweet Million tomato plant, so it may be obliterated as well!

This is a simple truth of life: deer will eat your Impatiens. Our God is the God of giving and of taking away. Whether it is your flower bed or your family member, whether it is work related or personal, God knows exactly when something should come and when it should go. He created not only the seasons of the world but also the seasons of our souls, and He alone is wise enough to determine what belongs in each. Trust Him in that today.


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