Simple Truths

Simple Truth #2

Children know more than many adults know.

Jesus praised His Father for “hiding some knowledge from the wise and learned, and revealing them to little children” (Matthew 11:25).

Have you ever spent more than an hour with children? If so, you may already know this simple truth. They really do say the darndest things.  My husband (Ben) and I do not have children yet, but I have been around children my entire life and am still absolutely amazed by them. Just this weekend, Ben and I went camping with a young family.  A white-tailed buck walked straight into our campsite (Wildlife was a little to friendly for me.), and the boys began feeding the deer right out of their little hands. Then a doe came through the trees to get her own ear of corn from us, and I said, “Aw, she’s pretty.”

Without hesitation, the oldest boy–about 10– looked up at me and said, “Girls are always prettier. I don’t know why.”

Earlier that day, we made a pit stop at McDonald’s (of course) on the way to the campsite. Over half-eaten happy meals, I asked the three boys how they were related. I had some idea that they weren’t all from the same set of parents. I later found out that adults would have explained them as two half-brothers and a cousin. However, when posed with this question, the boys answered, looking at each other and shrugging, “Um… we just are. . . . Yeah. We’re all related.”  

Kids make statements like this so often that we start to overlook them, but looking back on my own childhood, I knew solid truths about life because I kept things simple. Those boys weren’t concerned with the rigmarole of DNA. They knew they’d grown up together and hoped they always would.

When the twelve, often-presumptuous disciples asked our Lord, “Who will be the greatest in the Kingdom” (Matthew 18), He picked up a small child and set her down in the middle of them. His answer was, whoever is like her. The Message interpretation even uses the words “simple” and “elemental.” Those words are the key to reaching a childlike spiritual state. How close are you to that? When you catch yourself getting bogged down with all the details of a situation, let the Lord reveal one simple truth about it to you then cling to that as a child holding tightly to what is rightly his.


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