Simple Truths

Simple Truth: #1

I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for another blog, and I regret losing any followers in the gap between the last entry and now. If you’re interested, I’ll share why. If not, skip down to the current entry.
Since my last blog, I quit my job as a secretary in a local department store and took a job at a law firm in Greenville–part-time. I also received an email from the director of Ashland University’s MFA in Poetry program. I have decided to become a part of that program in order to soon publish a book of poetry, shortly followed by a non-fiction book. Those two life-changes along with the fact that I’ve only been married for four months have understandably consumed my time and thoughts. However, with a writing career underway, my mind has curved back to this blog, and all that gave me a passion for it–simple truth. I have decided to share a simple truth that the Lord is teaching me, maybe not for the first time, but for the deepest time so far. I may share one a week, one a month, or if we’re lucky, one a day. Feel free to comment, but, please, do not be offended if I do not respond. I’m probably working on the next entry.

Simple Truth: #1
God is in love with the homosexual community. 

God is in love with “lesbians” and “gays,” although He does not call them by those English-speaking-man-made terms. Like the Shepherd of the sheep, like the Maker of the stars, “He calls them each by name,” (Psalm 147:4, John 10:3). Besides, He does the same for you, each and every day. He does not see you as just another human in a million of humans, like we look at ants in a clay hill. He does not see you as an adulterer, or as a luster, or as a glutton, or as an impatient snob. Yes, He sees your adultery, your lust, your indulgence, your impatience, and your pride. Yet, He sees you HIS individual creation, wherever you happen to be, whoever you are, and whatever you are doing. He sees YOU. This is not in a “Be careful, God might see you way,” but in the way that reminds you “Someone cares.” At times, we cannot see the person for his or her sin, but God is infinitely capable of separating the sin from the sinner. As a matter of fact, that is His forte. Let Him teach you how. He most certainly wants to do so.

He’s in love with you.


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